Greek Life: Zakynthos

We booked a great AirBnB room in Zakynthos town. It wasn’t on the beach, but gave us a good base for visiting many of the beaches around the island. One thing we quickly learned about Greece (at least on the islands) is that public transportation runs when it wants to. We waited one day for a bus for…

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NSFB 2.0

Fast forward from our last NSFB post, we are now in August heading from Germany back to Ibiza, this time with our best friend, Sarah. Lucky for us the fun didn’t stop there as three more of our favorite ladies met us in Greece!


Doomsday: Düsseldorf

Why an entire post on Düsseldorf? A place that, although is probably lovely, we visited for only one reason: to catch a flight to Ibiza. What was supposed to be a quick and easy two days spent doing laundry and listening to Carl Cox in preparation for five days of Ibiza-heaven, turned into the most…



Besides the East Side Gallery and the various food joints to check out in Berlin, a must-see sight is one everyone agrees on: the Brandenburg Gate. The majestic monument is easily seen on Pariser Platz, commonly known as the grandest square of pre-war Germany. Standing in the heart of modern Berlin, the landmark is a recognizable…



BERLIN. One of the most distinct European cities. So much culture, history, art, nightlife. It’s an amazing place that totally has the potential to kick your ass (multiple times… we’ll get to this later). It’s grunge has a chic-ness to it that attracts so many people. It’s pulsating with young life and our week here was full…


Guest Post: The Choice to Travel

We meet new friends and travelers every day, but once in a while, we’ll meet someone who completely inspires us. It’s as if we go back in time to when we first started planning our trip over a year ago. When we started to fall head over heels in love with the idea of traveling. Our first night…

Gateway sign: "Work Makes You Free"


Thinking back on our travels in Europe, we recall lovely, romantic sights of many of the cities we have seen. Other travelers will agree, however, that Europe holds a deep and grave history which makes itself known now and then. Such moments and memories of these pasts cling to you and haunt you. Our day…